Huawei Watch D

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Blood Pressure Measurement

ECG Analysis

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Ultimate Comfort

HUAWEI WATCH D packs complex blood pressure components, like a mini pump and airbag, into a highly compact form.

The 2.5D curved glass shimmers and glimmers with each wrist turn, complementing a durable aluminum alloy frame, with two handy buttons to take you to your tasks.

A Work of Accuracy

HUAWEI WATCH D features a margin of error within ±3 mm Hg, made possible by a high-precision pressure sensor, meticulous pressure feedback controls, and less air resistance.

The macromolecular tensile strap, ergonomically-arced airbag, and butterfly clasp are all designed to remain stable during inflation, to enhance the precision of impromptu blood pressure readings.

Measurement that Tells You More

HUAWEI’s proprietary HUAWEI TruBP™ blood pressure algorithm, which is based on a cascade model and different blood pressure patterns, makes HUAWEI WATCH D sensitive and considerate to the wearer’s every need, with innovative measurement assistance, abnormal posture detection, and a host of other high-level capabilities.

Huawei Watch D

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