Huawei Freebuds Pro

QAR 599.00

Cancel out the noise, dive into the beats. Voice hear-through, always stay connected. Feel the music with Huawei FreeBuds Pro. Immersive sound, inspiring style.

Chip: Kirin A1
Bluetooth: 5.2
Sensitivity: Bone Sensor Supported.
Battery: Per earbud 55 mAh (min), Charging case 580 mAh (min)
Controls: Pinch, Long-pinch, Slide + Voice assistant
Voice Mode: Yes
Multiple Noise Reduction Mode: Yes
Aware Mode: Yes
Wind Noise Reduction: 5.5 m/s.



Cancel out the noise, dive into the beats. Voice hear-through, always stay connected. Feel the music with Huawei FreeBuds Pro. Immersive sound, inspiring style.

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation-Cut Down the Noise from Inside and Outside
Adopting the Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Technology, the inward-facing and outward-facing microphones detect the out-of-ear and in-ear residual noise, and then the dynamic drivers generate accurate anti-noise signals. Achieving up to 40 dB noise canceling effect, HUAWEI Freebuds Pro allows you to experience tranquility and purity.

Intelligent Dynamic ANC-Read the Surroundings, Optimize Noise Cancellation
Recognizing the ambient sounds intelligently, HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro switches the noise cancellation mode accordingly for a more suitable hearing experience.


Lay back with deeply enhanced noise cancellation when traveling. Lose yourself in the music and stay away from the disturbance.

Cozy Mode

Keeps you focused by reducing noises from paper flipping, typing, computers, and occasional conversations in the workplace, libraries, and other quiet environments.

General Mode

Enjoy the immersive music or game sounds in bustling streets or crowded cafés as the ambient noises are greatly reduced.

Voice Mode-Let the Sound Through, Make the Voice Clear
No need to take off your earbuds. Just a long press, you can switch to awareness mode and reconnect with your surroundings. The unique Voice Mode reduces the ambient sounds to make human voices stand out. So you don’t miss the airport broadcasts or a quick chat with friends passing by.

The Style that Speaks for You
HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro comes in three different colors to match the sound you love: the sleek and edgy Silver Frost with subtle metallic shine, the elegant and discreet Ceramic White for a sophisticated style, and the classic Carbon Black that goes with most occasions.

Ready to Last, Enjoy Your Best
With noise cancellation turned off, a single charge brings you up to 7-hour listening, and up to 30 hours when coupled with the charging case. You can also use your smartphone or tablet to reverse-charge the charging case while you are on the go.

Pop, Connect, Go
Open the charging case, a pop-up should appear on your phone that prompts first-time paring or resumes connection, while showing how much battery you have left.

Dual Device Connection, Seamless Switching
Supporting simultaneous connection with two devices, it also allows swift switching between them by pinching either earbud. You can go back and forth smoothly among smartphones, tablets, PCs, and more smart devices.

Intelligent-Compactness Detection
With intelligent Compactness Detection to analyze the earplugs that fit your ears after wearing, you can pick up the most suitable ones to enjoy better noise cancellation and more immersive sound.

Green & Healthy
Obtaining Grade I Certification of the industrial global certification SGS, HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro’s innovative green technology takes the lead among the industry’s green standards.

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