MotoGP 24 D1 Edition PS5

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The Official 2024 Championship is in your hand with new features, fierce rivalries, and online competitions to win.

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  • Hop on your bike, overcome every obstacle on your path, and enjoy the official contents of the latest MotoGP season.
  • Real riders face tough decisions both on and off track.
  • Manage your relationships with other MotoGP riders through the in-game social network.
  • Friends and foes will challenge you differently on track.
  • Face Turning Points and step up to the challenge.
  • If you ace them, you’ll boost your career in MotoGP.
  • Enjoy the brand-new Riders Market and shape the most dynamic Career ever.
  • Every in-game season will bring roster updates, each with new scenarios to experience.
  • If you seek new challenges, join a new team and race to victory.
  • How far are you willing to go for fame and glory?

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