Portal Knights

QAR 249.00

Play the award-winning Portal Knights on the go like never before! Now you will be able to grab your friends and battle, level up, and build in local wireless and online multiplayer for up to 4 players or split-screen with up to 2 players on Nintendo Switch! Forge your hero. Craft your adventure. Defeat the Portal Guardians. Become the ultimate Portal Knight!

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RPG character classes to choose from and master: Play as a Warrior, Mage, or Ranger and customize your appearance, abilities, and gear. Unlock powerful talents as you level up!

Tactical action combat: Strike your foes and dodge their attacks in fast-paced 3rd-person battles. Outwit each enemy’s unique AI and choose from an assortment of weapons and spells to defeat them!

Join your friends in a 4-person cooperative multiplayer or 2 player split-screen: Work together on the same island to build structures, explore dungeons, and overcome the toughest perils.

Travel between randomly generated 3D sandbox worlds: Traverse unique environments, meet unique NPC characters, discover creatures and resources for crafting. Explore caves, lakes, and dungeons.

Random Events: Adventure in ever-changing landscapes. Complete new quests and earn exclusive items in random events across the world.