Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light

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Light and helpful, making cleaning easier

50 AW suction | 1.2kg lightweight body | 45 min battery life | 3-step filtration

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Mi Vacuum Cleaner LightLight and helpful, making cleaning easier

50 AW suction | 1.2kg lightweight body | 45 min battery life | 3-step filtration.

The perfect combination of power and lightweight design Easier, more efficient cleaning.

Easy, efficient cleaning through a combination of the lightweight, cordless design and powerful suction.

Brand new 1.2kg lightweight body Easy to hold and clean.

The lightweight body is made up of light, strong materials and a compact motor and battery structure.

Clean those hard-to-reach places with just one hand, for a better cleaning experience.

Designed with you in mind Lighter and more comfortable to use.

Its lightweight body is more friendly to users, easier to be carried around to tackle different tasks more effectively.

High-speed brushless motor Suction of up to 50 AW.

Equipped with a standard high-speed brushless motor to create consistent and efficient suction.

45 min running time Enough to deep clean a medium-large size apartment at a single charge.

At a single charge, the long-lasting lithium battery provides 45 minutes of running time under standard mode to clean a medium or large apartment.

Two power modes Select a mode to suit your cleaning needs.

Two power modes for different cleaning requirements. For daily cleaning, select the Standard mode to capture particles of all sizes. For a deep clean, select the MAX mode.

3-step filtration system 99.98% filtration efficiency.

3-step efficient filtration. The cyclone system separates dust from the air.

Dust is captured after passing through a cyclone filter, efficient HEPA filter, and cotton filter, while the clean air is pumped back out.

Cordless design for moving around Deep clean every corner

Cordless design helps you to easily move around and clean the bedroom, living room, study, and more.

Not just for the floor, the vacuum can be used to clean furniture, get into corners and keep rooms sparkling clean.

Motorized ground brush Eliminates dust and dirt from every corner

Built-in independent motor for deep cleaning of wooden floors and carpets. Delicate cleaning with the extra-soft brush leaving no damage to floors or carpets.

Brush nozzle Brush and vacuum dust and dirt with one brush

The brush gently collects surface dust for quick vacuuming, suitable for cleaning sofas, cupboards, and all kinds of work surfaces.

Convenient wall-mounted storage More organized and space-saving

The wall mount is a space-saving tool to make your room more organized. You can store your vacuum cleaner in the station for the next use.

Quiet without noise For a more enjoyable cleaning experience

The Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light comes with a brushless motor, which can operate quietly and efficiently during cleaning, creating a more enjoyable cleaning experience.


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